Working Away in the R&D Lab at The Art for Everyone Project

I’m excited to announce that I have found a way to track the free art that will be part of this project as it travels around.

You can check in your art when you receive it, and if you give it to someone they can check it in to track its location. It does require some participation (e.g., it is not a GPS type device that autotracks the location), but we might all have some fun with using it
to watch as the art travels around.

Next, I need to work on a way to show it on a map of the world.

For now, here’s how it will work:

  1. Each piece of art will have a QR code on it that contains an ID number and the info about where it was launched (placed). This is a QR code, if you haven’t seen one:
  2. Using your iPhone or Droid and the free app Quick Scan by iHandy, you can scan the QR code.  An email to me will be automatically generated. If you already have a scanner app, try it on this code above.
  3. Substitute your City and State in the SUBJECT and hit SEND. Voila! I will have what I need to update the art piece’s location.

Your email information will not be used for any other purpose.  How high tech is that?

And if you would rather, send us the enclosed postcard with information about the art piece’s journey.