Follow the Art Page Launched

One of the great things about this project is that technology allows us to follow where the art pieces go. Owners can log the art in using the QR code included with each piece, or send me a SASE postcard if desired.

QR codes are similar to bar codes – in that they are unique identifiers of the piece that are assigned by me based on the date the piece was launched out into the free art-o-sphere. The QR code can be scanned by the owner using the iQuickScan app* and an email will be automatically generated to tell me the new location.

Two pieces have been logged so far. One made its way across to the East Bay. The other, picked up at random by someone at the Half Moon Bay Rock the Block party on Main Street last Saturday night has already made its way across the US to Holmes, NY.

We salute those of you brave enough to download and use the scanning app. It makes this project fun!


* iQuickScan is for the iPhone. Any Droid users out there who have an equivalent fave scanner app, please let me know (5/22/2012).