A Little Bit of Recent History

Do you know how The Art for Everyone Project came to be? This is a funny little story . . .  and it all happened just last week.

After May Open Studios here on the Coastside (Half Moon Bay California), I was disappointed that I didn’t sell more things. I have a LOT of inventory and envisioned it all leaving to make room for more things to be created after May 6. When that didn’t happen, I decided to ask some artist friends about their interest in combining small pieces together and putting them in boxes to send out to “backers” using Kickstarter.

I’d heard about Kickstarter from Benicia artist Lorrimarie Jenkins. I backed her and received some wonderful art in return, although Kickstarter is about lots more than just art. Think of it as a Kiva for the US.

Anyway, I designed a project and proposal, got buy-in from the friends, and lauched it on Kickstarter. You can see that here as Art in A Box.

The next morning I received an email from The Compound Gallery in Oakland California. Turns out they have a project called Art in A Box and requested I not use that name.

When I googled them and read more about what they were doing, I realized it was the same thing I was hoping to use the starter funds from Kickstarter to create in Phase II: subscription art services.

Luckily, I had a call that same day with my personal coach Laurie Phillips. I told her my vision, proposal, and response from Compound Gallery. She asked me questions about what I really wanted and when I dug deeper, I realized I just want to get the art out of my studio, without it going into the trash. The money is not so important right now. After a short session (less than 45 min), I had totally redesigned it into The Art for Everyone Project.

So there you have it. A good idea revised and re-envisioned into another good idea.