A Connection Between Bad Art Night and The Art for Everyone Project


Every two weeks, I have a bunch of people over on Friday night for Bad Art Night (BAN).  It may seem odd that artists would attempt to create “bad art,” but it does seem to liberate us to move in new directions, often encountering the accidental surprise.

Much of what I create during my BAN sessions will lead to creating a few more of the same, if I like what I’ve done. And that will lead to an overly full studio that screams out to give the art away, for god’s sake. Move it out to make room for new and more creative things.

This Friday night was BAN. I made this lovely “Alexandra” box because a friend showed up with a handful of the die-cut and scored boxes. Karen said she’d found them in some stuff while getting ready to come to BAN and remembered she’d had them for more than 18 years.

We all worked our magic on these substrates. I chose to work in black and white with some new mounted rubber stamps I bought last week from JudyKins at the Maker Faire. I sewed some paper to the top and voila! A unique and wonderful little piece of art. It will get put out on the streets – maybe when I go to San Luis Obispo next weekend for the Remnants of the Past Show. I feel myself already wanting to liberate 25-30 pieces of art there.

I think this box should include some tasty little chocolates, don’t you?