Success and Looking Forward!


She almost seems to be reflecting, and thinking, “Hmmm… the response to this shop-dropping project has been both amazing and motivating.”

People love receiving free art. They have a blissful smile when they open their surprise package, which is all I wish and hope for.

I have received emails from as far away as upstate New York confirming pieces have traveled around and are in good new homes.

To date, I’ve given away fifty pieces and have other artists in new locations asking to participate. Very exciting. My next out-of-state drop is in August at the Minnesota State Fair. Others here in Half Moon Bay CA and around are planned too. In fact, that reminds me that I will be in Oakland on Friday at the Sketchbook Project pop-up library. What a great place to drop some art on an appreciative audience!

I am so motivated to continue on with this, with my hope that a year from now The Free Art for Everyone Projecthas blossomed to locations throughout the US with at least 10 artists participating.