Some Bittersweet With A Heaping Tablespoon of Joy


I’m going through my art to do the third shop-drop give-away this coming weekend – June 24th – at the Farmer’s Market in Princeton Harbor/Harbor Village. When I started this project, there was an abundance of art to select to give away. Hundreds of pieces. There still are, but now as I go through everything to choose, it is like Sophie’s Choice where Meryl Streep (Sophie) is asked to pick between her two children to give one up to the Germans. This is how giving away my art feels – each piece is a child.

Still, when I see or hear about how joyful the new owner is, the bittersweet is replaced with happiness. I am now free to move on to making new things.

Thank you for your joy and gratitude that liberates e.


Here are two of my babies in the 6/24 art drop: