Today’s Postcard was a sweet note from Issaquah WA that reads…

I was with my 11-year old son and my sister and her husband, visiting the Farmer’s Market back in July. We stopped to listen to a musician at a nearby place with shops and an open space. My son found your surprise on a bench and gave them to me.

My first thought was that someone had accidentally left them there. I loved the silver, the design and the natural stones. Just my type of jewelry. I though if I looked at the enclosed postcard maybe I could find more information about the rightful owner and learn where they purchased the beautiful earrings as well. I was totally taken aback by your concept to share art! What a great idea! This concept could be used in so many other joyful ways. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you to Nancy Struck for her generous donation of these earrings for The Art for Everyone Project.